M Resort
Henderson, NV

Concept to Creation
June 2005 - March 2009

Construction Amount
$5.6 Million

Scope of Work:
Land Development / Entitlements
Master Planning
Facility Programming
Executive Design Architect
Architect of Record
Design Management
Brand Management
Interior Design
Project Management
FF&E Purchasing
Construction Management
General Contractor

The emphasis of this restaurant space focus is on the daily rituals of our everyday life: eating, socializing; surrounding ourselves with elements of comfort. The intent of the design and materials within the space are to conjure up a sense of familiarity and family. The architecture is a modern space that takes on the feel of the various regions of Italy and transforms them into a dining experience. The kitchen embraces the dining room and creates an active experience that guests will appreciate. Materials spring from the contrast of old and new, rough and smooth, bright and dark and emanate with authenticity and ignite the tastes for all to enjoy.

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