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bd west 2018

We had the privilege to be a part of the BD West Fashion Challenge. This is an exclusive event held at the former trading floor of Los Angeles’ Pacific Coast Stock Exchange. The event is meant to test our designers' creativity and ingenuity with material donated by sponsoring vendors. Our team received an electric assortment of materials that they compiled into a wearable garment. Each team is also grouped with student makeup artists that are competing for scholarships for best makeup. Each garment is auctioned during the runway show and all proceeds go towards NEWH LA Chapter’s Scholarship Fund.

This year our garment was inspired by a lost, underwater city. Our garment consisted of mosaic tiles, sheers, drapery, and door hardware. We had a lot of fun designing and dealing with the high-stress environment. As with all designs, we started with the concept board and then our fashion came to life on the runway. We will look towards another submission in 2019!

This year our team was: Juan Medrano, Kristi Elsten, Richard Cabrera, and Sharon Ly.

The fundraiser benefits the NEWH Los Angeles Student Scholarship Fund
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