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Marnell Companies is a vertically-integrated group of architecture, design, consulting, construction management, construction and turnkey real estate development professionals. From our headquarters in the Hospitality & Entertainment capital of the world, we have delivered projects to the most exclusive &exceptional developers, operators, hoteliers, entertainment leaders, and visionaries for over 40 years.
Marnell Companies understands the importance of work/life balance. We offer competitive compensation as well as a well-rounded benefits package. We work hard to provide our employees with opportunities to achieve personal, professional and financial growth and fulfillment.Learn more about what's available to our employees:
Future Planning
  • Marnell Companies offers a comprehensive group benefit program to its employees and their eligible dependents. These benefits include medical, prescription drugs, dental, vision, life insurance and long term disability. In Addition, there are several optional benefits that may be selected on an individual basis through payroll deductions.Our benefits can be categorized in the following two ways:
  • Health and Wellness
    Marnell Companies encourages all employees to make healthy lifestyle choices and to participate in a variety of Company sponsored health and wellness programs. Medical (Including prescription drugs, mental health and substance abuse coverage.)

    Everyone has different needs and wants when it comes to health insurance which is why Marnell Companies offers employees three different medical programs from which to choose. We strive to keep deductibles and employee contribution rates low, and each year perform a detailed evaluation of the plans offered to ensure the best programs are available to our employees.
  • Dental
    The Dental Plan offers Preventative Procedures at no cost to our employees and enrolled dependents. This plan also covers 80% of the cost for basic procedures and 50% on major and orthodontia procedures.
  • Vision
    Our vision plan offers coverage for annual eye exams as well as lenses and frames every 12 months. Other benefits include discounts on Laser Vision Correction, lens extras such as scratch resistant coatings, and additional prescription glasses and sunglasses.

  • Flexible Spending Account or Cafeteria Plan
    This plan allows you to set money aside, pre-tax, to help pay for out-of-pocket medical/dental expenses, thereby lowering your taxable income while still allowing you to cover your point-of-purchase out-of-pocket expenses without worry.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    Our EAP program is available to assist you and your family with personal issues and/or concerns. Some of the common issues addressed are: grief and loss, parenting, managing stress and change, marital conflicts, substance abuse, and mental health.
  • Group Term Life and Long Term Disability
    All full-time employees are eligible for employer provided term life insurance and long term disability coverage. This LTD coverage provides partial income protection to employees should they become totally disabled for more than 90 days due to illness or injury, protecting our employees and their families a way of life.
  • Paid Time Off
    Marnell Companies observes nine holidays each year, plus vacation time. Length of vacation time varies depending on years of service. We also provide paid sick days.

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  • At Marnell Companies, we take pride in offering fair and competitive compensation packages. We measure our compensation against industry and geographical benchmarks and inflation measures. As well, we offer performance raises and solid career planning.
future planning
  • 401k Retirement Plan
    Marnell Companies offers all employees the opportunity to plan for the future by offering a 401k plan.Profit Sharing

  • 401K Contribution
    Our eligible employees may receive an annual discretionary profit sharing contribution in an amount determined at Plan Year End by the Board of Directors.

  • Bonus Program
    In addition to our employees’ Annual Base Salary, all are eligible for a year end discretionary pay program.
  • We offer to our eligible employees an Employee Referral Bonus. Refer a potential candidate for a posted position, and upon their hire and completion of the 90 day introductory period, employees receive a cash reward.
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