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glamping 2016

Marnell Companies participated in the NEWH Annual Fundraiser, Glamping 2016. We were one of six hospitality firms who participated in the “Chateau” Challenge for this event. Each canvas Chateau is 10’ x 12’ on a platform 12′ x 16′ and was given a theme.

After a random picking event, we received the Cafe theme and we used our favorite vendors to help us glam up the chateau. The other participants had other themes such as a spa, cocktail lounge, hookah lounge, karaoke lounge, and a fortune-teller. All of the items donated by our vendors were auctioned and all of the proceeds for these auctions go towards the NEWH Student Scholarship Fund.

There were about 200 attendees this year which was held at the Zion Ponderosa Resort, near the edge of Utah's Zion National Park. This year our team was: Calandra Stanton, Denise Muir, Jeremy Morse, Juan Medrano, Richard Cabrera, and Sharon Ly.

The fundraiser benefits the NEWH Las Vegas Student Scholarship Fund.
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