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glamping 2022

For the third time, Marnell Companies participated in the NEWH Annual Fundraiser, Glamping 2022, held at the Zion Ponderosa Ranch near the edge of Utah’s Zion National Park. We were one of four hospitality firms who participated in the Chateau Challenge for this event. Each 10’ x 12’ canvas glamping chateau sat on a 12’ x 16’ platform and was to be designed according to the theme of “Carnivàle” to celebrate the end of nearly two years of COVID-era austerity and isolation.  

Our design was inspired by the ornamental glamor of Venetian Carnival, and the idea was to divide the guests’ approach, entry, and experience into three sequential parts.  

The first part was meant to welcome guests with a façade and entry point resembling a feather-trimmed Venetian mask, thereby adorning the tent with its own filigreed, gold-colored, and brightly-lit disguise.  The second part consisted of designing a vestibule between the façade and the doorway into the tent. This 8’ long transitional space was walled-in with plywood panels laminated with a print of Venetian masks set in relief against a sea of shadows. Beginning at dusk, the “roof” of the vestibule was lit with string LEDs, making the entry glow softly in the dark Utah night.  

Finally, the interior of the tent itself, its ceiling and wall masked by a vinyl print of a dark sky punctuated with stars, was reconceived as a space in which guests could fully immerse themselves in a masquerade. Upon entry, guests could choose and keep one of the many hand-decorated masks for their own and try on or pose with the four custom outfits inspired by Venetian masquerade balls. At the end of the tent was a selfie station with ring light and ottomans, thus completing the journey in which guests were transformed from being observers of a masquerade to becoming full-fledged participants in the celebratory play of “Carnivàle.”  

Marnell Companies would like to thank our vendors and sponsors for making our design a reality. 300 Industries fabricated the mask façade, while MDC Interior Solutions fabricated the custom wallcovering. Ulster provided the carpet for the interior of the tent, Williams Sonoma supplied the ottomans, and Majestic Mirror & Frame supplied the mirrors. All items donated by our vendors were auctioned and all proceeds went toward the NEWH Student Scholarship Fund.  

This year’s design and build team was: Alexandra Primm, Alexis Church, Audrey Lee, Brenda Tena, Cathy Kohl, Doug Elsarelli, Jesus Escobar, Jilda Cheng, Kristi Elsten, Lauro Urbino, Lillian Lei, Nolberto Fu, Richard Cabrera, Ryan Canlas, and Trisno Warsito.
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