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Marnell Companies is a vertically-integrated group of architecture, design, consulting, construction management, construction and turnkey real estate development professionals. From our headquarters in the Hospitality & Entertainment capital of the world, we have delivered projects to the most exclusive & exceptional developers, operators, hoteliers, entertainment leaders, and visionaries for over 40 years.


Construction Project Manager


  • Assume total responsibility for the job including Architectural, Engineering, Interiors, Furniture/Fixtures & Equipment, and Kitchen coordination.
  • Assist in the group effort to establish Project parameters as it relates to the preparation of a preliminary budget.
  • Refine the preliminary budget on a regular basis to coincide with the Project scope and definition. Utilize early subcontractor participation to reinforce original budget validity.
  • Follow drawing process from concept drawings through the delineation of final drawings. Maintain constant cross check of budget to drawing design magnitude. The Project Manager is responsible for challenging the Architectural Division and intercedes if needed with the Client to protect the budget if the project magnitude appears to exceed the Project Budget.
  • Participate in Owner discussions of costs, scope of work, schedules, and specified Owner requirements. Prepare a construction schedule for review by the Superintendent, Director of Construction Administration and President of Construction.
  • Issue subcontracts, major purchase orders, solicit competitive quotes on large quantity requirements.
  • Coordinate with the Risk Manager to purchase insurance for Course of Construction and all required bonds.
  • Pursue the various agencies and utilities to obtain the necessary permits, approvals, and permissions. The Project Manager is responsible for obtaining all permits and approvals.
  • Assist the Superintendent in initial Project set-up i.e., job phones requisition, temporary power, temporary facilities, traffic barricades, job offices, agency approvals to proceed, forming material and forming hardware verifications, hoisting equipment, and Owner requested conditions.
  • Provide initial coordination with all subcontractors to ensure proper coverage and understanding of all phasing of work as it may relate to estimates, budgets, and schedules.
  • Prepare and submit all monthly progress billings to the Owner in accordance with prevailing Contract Documents.
  • Develop and maintain accurate and meaningful project schedules. Prepare with superintendent Three-Week Look Ahead Schedules.
  • Evaluate and approve all Subcontractor-billing requests. The billing format from the subcontractors must be in proper form, on time and complete.
  • Confirm receipt of Subcontractor’s Liability Insurance Policies before Subcontractor starts work.
  • Evaluate and approve all accounts payable invoices. Check timely payment, validity of request, correct cost category coding, purchase order, and receiver attachment.
  • Assume responsibility for all subcontractors to provide necessary submittals, shop drawings, insurance certificates, As-Built drawings, operating, and maintenance manuals in a timely manner. Primary responsibility for this is the Project Manager’s; however, coordination with the Project Architect to ensure that approval turnaround times are maintained is essential.
  • Support and supply the Superintendent with timely drawings, clarifications, subcontract negotiations, material requirements, and contract enforcements.
  • Coordinate FF&E and project. Assist the Interior Design Department in awareness to both the•Owner and Project idiosyncrasies and requirements.
  • Verify and review FF&E contracts, purchase orders, and maintain constant cross check of actual buyout costs to approved budget.
  • Provide timely completion of all Owner-requested or subcontractor-requested change orders. Follow printed schedules for cut-off dates for change orders issued to Finance. Update schedules periodically as required. All scheduling of subcontractors is the responsibility of the Superintendent.
  • Monitor/review Submittal/Expediting Schedule for all materials and equipment.
  • Assist Superintendent with coordinating the Project’s equipment needs.
  • Provide all estimating required to instrument necessary proposals, or change orders as directed by Project needs.
  • Maintain communications with Director of Construction Administration and President to insure all are apprised of the Project status.
  • Maintain Project “spread sheet” on a regular basis and update by the 16th of the month to account for all “costs” related to the Project. Review published computer reports for costs contracted and spent. Spreadsheets must coincide with the computer report each month. Submit monthly spread sheets to Construction President and Director of Construction Administration.
  • Provide Owners with “Notice of Completion” and “Certificates of Occupancy”. Fulfill agency final requirements and punch lists.
  • Complete project by closing out the project computer records; make all necessary final adjustments.
  • Submit all As-Built drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, and certificates of warranty to the Owner.
  • The Project Manager has total responsibility for completing a Project on time and on budget.
  • Attend all final inspections by the Building Dept. and Fire Dept. with the Project Superintendent to ensure the Project is completed in accordance with all prevailing codes and ordinances and to ensure that the Project is completed on time, as scheduled. Write Life Safety Testing Scenarios and attend/supervise testing. Take all necessary action to safely complete the Project. Our obligation to safely complete the Project on time is Priority #1.
  • Provide all coordination as required to provide timely information to all involved parties of any pertinent changes of schedules, costs, or scope of work. Do not wait to communicate change.
  • Owner correspondence or change orders (review Owner change orders with President and Director of Construction Administration).
  • Time extension requests.
  • Subcontract enforcement.
  • Subcontract change orders.
  • Verification to lenders.
  • Correspondence to agencies and utilities companies.
job requirements
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in the construction field.
  • Minimum of 5 years in project management. Must have extensive experience in major construction projects. Must have extensive experience in Construction Operations.
  • Must have excellent general business and management skills.
  • Must have a strong understanding of construction law and construction contract language.
  • Must have basic computer skills in Word and Outlook and be proficient in Excel and Microsoft.
  • Project or similar Scheduling software.
  • Must have extensive experience in Estimating and Scheduling. Must have the ability to prepare both conceptual and detailed project estimates and schedules.
  • Must have extensive experience in the management of major projects from inception of design through successful project completion.
  • Must have the ability to multi-task, coordinate, manage, and give clear directions to subordinates.
  • Must have excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Must have strong organizational skills and have the ability to remain composed and flexible.
  • Must be trustworthy, dependable, self-motivated, creative, and resourceful.
  • Must be able to maintain the highest level of confidentiality, handling sensitive information concerning both the company and its clients.
  • Must have strong interpersonal and leadership skills with good client relationship experience.
  • Professional presence and appearance necessary.
  • Must have a strong desire for career growth with the company.
  • Degree in Construction Management and/or Engineering required.
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