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Vice President - Forte Consulting, LLC.
Assistant to the Chairman (Special Projects) - Marnell Companies

Alisa Marnell-Wilson

Alisa Marnell-Wilson is Vice President of Forte Consulting, LLC. where she is responsible for managing potential opportunities and acquisitions, along with insurance placement for the Marnell Family of Companies.

As the Assistant to the Chairman (Special Projects) of Marnell Companies, Alisa is responsible for overseeing various projects throughout the Marnell Family of Companies. She also manages the Marnell Foundation and Tuscany Research Institute donation requests, giving programs, potential opportunities and acquisitions. Alisa also oversees the Company-wide Public Relations department.

Alisa has a CRIS (Construction Risk Insurance Specialist) designation. Alisa is Board Member of Tuscany Research Institute and the Marnell Foundation. She is a former member of Duck's Unlimited Conservation Committee. Alisa earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of Riverside California
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