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Vice President of Accounting

Danitra Ward

Danitra Ward is the Vice President of Accounting for Marnell Companies and is responsible for managing and administering all accounting activities, obligations and objectives of the Marnell Business Units. Mrs. Ward's responsibilities include managing day-to-day accounting operations, developing efficient business processes to record and report accounting activity, verifying the integrity and accuracy of financial results, and implementing and maintaining a system of internal controls to safeguard company assets. Mrs. Ward serves on the company Operations Committee which provides operational oversight to all business units within the company. Mrs. Ward has extensive experience in Financial and Project Accounting. Prior to joining Marnell Companies in 2006, she held accounting positions in real estate development, construction and broadcasting fields. Mrs. Ward is a member of the Construction Financial Management Association and the Institute of Finance and Management.

Mrs. Ward earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from California State University, Fresno and earned her Master's degree in Business Administration from University of Phoenix.
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